In this modern era, security, and surveillance are one of the most sort after extensions to a business, home, garage, firm, holiday house and/or rural area. It's important to us that all our customers and clients get the very best in security surveillance to protect their family and assets. Have assurance that The Listening Post is an NZ Licensed Security installer, our team have had many years of security installation experience and have been trained in correct measures for analyzing and determining the most vulnerable points of malicious activities.

Understanding the approach of your security wants and needs help the team refines over 100 different trusted security & surveillance products to best suit your project. 


We are certified dealers in this entire range of products to ensure your getting the best for the best price...

Access Security

Yale Digital Door Locks.

Control4 Automated Door-Stations.

Doorbird Smart Door & Gate Locks.

AugustSmart Locks.

Qolsys Smart Stations.

Kwikset Electronic Locks.

Tagg Pet Access Collars. 

Surveillance Security

Sensor Security

Hikvision Surveillance Systems.

Axis Communications.

Swann Surveillance Systems.

Interlogix Surveillance Systems.

Luma Cameras.

Qualcomm Rural Automation.

Alarm.COM Security Systems.

DSC Alarms & Sensors.

Arrow Head Alarms.

2Gig Smart Sensors.

NYCE Motion Sensors.

Lutron Smart Sensors.

LiftMaster Gate Control.

Access Security is a great initiative to incorporate into any household, having full-control and diverse compatibility to mobile devices allows you to monitor activity to see whos coming and leaving your home whilst being notified if doors have been open or closed. Set permanent codes for members of your family, or have temporary codes set at certain times for guest, cleaners or contractors, giving you peace of mind knowing whos been in your home.

Being able to visibly check your property's surveillance from the comfort of your palm is reassuring if you're at home or away. NVR applications and Automated preferences catered to your liking make checking your cameras easier than ever, allowing you to view cameras from remote locations and reviewing previously recorded footage from the night, week or months before to review the activity of your home or business. You can even be notified on your smart device when the cameras detect significant motion.

Arm it and forget it, having motion detection sensors are a must-have in any home or business to protect your assets. Alarm sensors have saved thousands of kiwis being burgled every year, they're reliable at a great price for anyone on a budget. Easy to install and easy to use, alarm sensors are packed with many different modes and setting best suited to your needs, they're also connected to security centers around NZ to notify them in the event they're triggered, the motion systems can even notify your smart device if they've been tampered or have gone off.

Keeping your rural property secured...

5 Ways to Improve your security.

During the current nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, it's important to maintain a guarded property for your safety and your neighbours safety... by following our 5 simple procedures you can feel at ease knowing that your property is well secured.

By following these tips you can increase the awareness of unwanted visitors, stop the accessibility to easy robberies & forward valuable information back to the authorities.

1. Securing your perimeter fencing

Ensuring that you have solid fencing can help the overall security outcome. Hedges make great fencing and also acts as a visibility guard, stopping snoopers from looking into your home. Other fencing measures such as electric fencing which your cattle may use, also comes in handy to prevent access to your property... Having electric fencing running at suitable scheduled times of the day is suitable for cattle farming in different paddocks and can save you on power if you plan your perimeter, according to what areas a most susceptible to entry. However, if you can ensure that your fencing surrounding your perimeter is stable and can prevent the likely hood of someone trying to jump it, you've successfully protected your property.

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2. Sensors and motion-triggered devices

Sensor lights, drive-way laser lines, relays and motion alarms are all great safety precautions and will notify you in the event of someone's arrival. The simplest and cheapest safety feature is the sensor light, almost two-thirds of kiwi households around New Zealand have sensor lights a safety & security measure. By installing safety lights in well-covered areas such as verandas, decks, front & back walkways, next to bedroom windows and garages, will help your awareness of someone's presence on your property...  Having laser lines at the start of your driveway is another great notifier of someone's welcomings, simple yet effective, laser-lines relay tones back to your property like a doorbell if an object has passed through the laser. They're discrete and better than cans on a string...

3. Lock it up!

Doors, cabinets, fire-arms cases, valuables, vehicles, and gates...  Make sure everything is locked up or locked away from uninvited people to prevent theft. Having primary lockdown areas such as Doors, windows, and gates is the first major precaution to keep in mind to prevent theft. In case of a break-in, secondary lockdown should be applied, having valuables hidden away and important objects locked up will stop burglars from taking the most important things that matter to you and your family... if you have TVs on walls, padlock it with a security bar behind the TV, if you have a Home Theatre receiver or amplifier in a cabinet you should padlock it to prevent it from being stolen, or to stop the kids clicking buttons or pulling on cables...

A good practice to follow is setting an alarm or timer on your phone to notify you every night when to lock the gates, garage and doors & windows for the safety of your family.

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4. Alarms & Surveillance

Cameras and Alarms are like having someone always watching over your safety and security 24/7... Alarm systems are a great system to have that are easy to implement in your household and easy to arm, giving you peace of mind when you aren't home. Cameras are just important as alarms, they can visibly capture intruders on your property and can be programmed to suit your preferences. Having are beneficial for insurance claims & to help Police identify intruders on your property. The Listening Post has a wide range of security and alarm products that are tailored for your property and come in multiple colours and appearances suited for your properties' intellectual look.

5. Know your neighbors

Neighbors are great friends to have, ensuring their safety and priority is just as important as caring for your property. Maintaining frequent communication and keeping them and yourself aware of local community changes and news will build a better foundation of awareness for everyone. These days, social media is a great way to inform other people in your area if there's been an incident to keep everyone in the loop. You may find that the area you live in may have a community Facebook page, where people can unite and chat about problems or even organize a catch up for a community BBQ & drinks. If you plan on traveling or been away from your property for a while, it's important to inform your neighbor of this so they can keep an eye out for you and to prevent them from worrying if they haven't seen you out on your property.

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