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Network stability is the foundation for every smart home. It’s not just a “nice to have,” it’s a requirement.


Networking is one of today's must sort after services and we are glad that we can deliver your home or business with an incredible network result. Whether it's for a local based home network to hard wire multiple devices into a wall or to increase the range and speed of your home's WiFi, know that we can help you...

Networks are great to increase speeds and connectivity, they're perfect for any family with a lot of devices being used at once to ensure that every member is getting connected, having a strong network also means your able to control each device's activity.

The Listening Post networking services are here to help you from planning to fit off.

Networks may seem daunting to understand, so let us take the confusion and complexity out of the equation for you. We design networking plans for homes and business if it's in the planning stage or retrofit planning, we can offer you the best solutions to best benefit your home or business.

We also upgrade and diagnose a range of networking issues, our range consists of modems, routers, wireless access points, network switches, ethernet leads, prewiring Cat6 cabling, and much more.

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