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We stock a large diverse range of commercial audio and automation. If it's for your business, school, studio or personal hobbies, we can supply you with world-renowned equipment to boost your confidence in your field. Whether you need a new mixing console for live events or a new audio system with easy control for a performing stage, The Listening Post can help you. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are getting exactly what they need that suits their budget. Our team knows every fundamental and factor to what you'd like to achieve, giving you peace of mind when purchasing from us. The Listening Post has specialized in many projects that have required small & large scale Commerical audio and automation gear, so if it's an installation, product, review or quote you need, know your in the best hands in New Zealand.

Our Commerical Distributors


We are currently in the development of building our Commercial Store page, but don't worry! You can still purchase and view our range in-store today with one of Team. Contact us now for a no-obligated quote.