The grassroots of The Listening Post first seeded from Hi-Fi sales. Since then, our company has grown and entered fields of expertise but we have never forgotten our beginnings and the passion for music we express.

The Listening Post is widely renowned throughout New Zealand as one of the best Hi-Fi dealers since 1976 and we stick by that, our love and passion for sound represents the company we are today...

If your in the market for any audio, know that you're in trusted hands. 

As a trusted audio distributor, we work directly with our overseas supplies to ensure that your audio is tailored to how you listen..


If you're after pristine audio or something to just kill the silence, we have everything for anyone's listening level.


We also offer a wide range of noise dampening stylish designs to help eliminate unwanted noises, only by quote.

 Contact us today to get a demo instore on a wide range of audio products. 


  • Focal

  • Yamaha

  • Kef

  • Definitative Technology

  • Paradigm

  • Mofi Electronics

  • Musical Fidelity

  • Vincent

  • PS Audio 

  • Geneva

  • Meze Audio

  • Cryus

  • T.A.C

  • Pioneer

  • Q Acoustic

  • Amphion

  • CAT Audio

  • Tru Audio

  • Triad

  • iFi

  • Eve Audio

  • Anthem

  • Music Hall

And many more....

Acknowledging sound for its simplistic form