In addition to Residential and Commercial solutions, our talented team install the best possible Audio Visual or Automation solution for your Vessel. Click the video below to see some of the work we have done


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The Listening Post is committed to protect the New Zealand fishing way of life for your families, friends and colleagues. Building LegaSea offers a common commitment, for construction industry leaders, to support LegaSea’s work in defending the interests of the New Zealand public right to a meaningful fishing experience. By being part of Building LegaSea we are able to add support and power to a belief that we can achieve a public friendly fisheries management system that will protect and conserve our fisheries for our people, our communities and for future generations.

For more information about LegaSea, and for ways you can help sustain our fisheries, please visit


image1AudioEngine -  AudioEngine has joined the sustainable revolution with some impressive modifications in their products, most notably the bamboo speakers, available in either the A5+ Powered, or the P4 Passive bookshelf speakers. They are made from renewable and sustainable solid bamboo - no stains or paint used, naturally "carbonized" finish, sealed with hand-rubbed water-based satin polyurethane. These speakers contain all of the simple but useful features and same signature sound of the award-winning A5+ wrapped in rock solid and beautifully hand-finished bamboo.

Due to the nature of the industry, it is difficult to find ways to make our business sustainable, but AudioEngine has hit the nail on the head with this one, with almost no plastics or harmful chemicals in sight. Doesn't look too shabby either. Trees are proving to be fairly non-sustainable as they take 25-50years to regrow once cut. Bamboo, however, can be harvested every three to six years - It is, in-fact, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, with the fastest growth rate reaching 100cm in a 24-hr period. Bamboo is heartier than oak and stronger than steel. It is flexible and lightweight, and is water-resistant, minimizing the risk for warping. It is easily grown and harvested, making it one of the most cost effective construction materials available

AudioEngine products are now 100% lead-free and meet the EU's RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) initiative. All speaker cabinet materials use environmentally-friendly binders and resins. Also, formaldehyde-free adhesives are used in cabinet assembly. All Audioengine products meet ENERGY STAR requirements in standby. As mentioned earlier, there is limited use of plastics in the products. Lastly, all products come in easy-to-recycle packaging

CrestronThe Listening Post proudly supports Crestron’s commitment to energy efficiency in your home or business. Crestron eliminates the inefficiencies and inconvenience of monitoring the many different systems buildings, each with its own management software. Through seamless integration of the robust control systems, commercial lighting systems, and award-winning software, Crestron connects every room and every building. You can intuitively manage, monitor, and schedule every environmental and audio/video system from any touch screen, web browser, or smart device for peak performance and optimal energy savings. To find out more, visit