Control4 4Sight Remote Access 1 Year

Control4 4Sight Remote Access 1 Year
Control4 4Sight Remote Access 1 Year Control4 4Sight Remote Access 1 Year

4Sight services give you control from anywhere Don't even think about leaving home without 4Sight—a bundle of smart, secure, premium services that let you enjoy control on-the-go from your favorite mobile device: 24x7 home monitoring & control from anywhere Remote home programming & support (online access for your dealer) Instant email alerts based on events in your home so you're always in-the-know, e.g. garage door open Mobile Navigator brings Control4 to your mobile device Put the face of Control4 on your favorite mobile device. With Mobile Navigator, you can harness the full power of your system through your iPad, iPhone or Droid--and with all the security features you need to give you peace of mind. Already registered? Sign in A subscription to 4Sight gives you the ability to securely monitor and control your home from any internet connection in the world. It also includes event-based email alerts for anything that happens in your home, such as the garage door being left open or the lights being left on during the day. With a subscription to 4Sight, you’ll always be in touch with your home, and your home will always be in touch with you. Control4® home automation systems have an unmatched array of features and functionality right out of the box. But, that’s not all. Because our products natively utilize the same standards-based IP communication that powers the Internet, Control4 system capabilities can be further extended through a variety of Internet-based Services. Features & Benefits Email Alerts—Email alerts keep you aware of the status of your home. Web Navigator—Login to to remotely monitor and control your home. Control4 My Home for iPad Control4 My Home for iPhone/iPod Touch 4Store™ 



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