Clear Audio - Smart Matrix PRO single sided record cleaning machine

Clear Audio - Smart Matrix PRO single sided record cleaning machine
Clear Audio - Smart Matrix PRO single sided record cleaning machine Clear Audio - Smart Matrix PRO single sided record cleaning machine

Clearaudio is always focused on optimization of quality and innovative design. As a result of our development we are proud to present the new record cleaning machine " Smart Matrix Professional ". The following improvements had been achieved for the new "Smart Matrix Professional":
- Improvement of the vacuum and cleaning results
- Significant noise reduction during the vacuum process
- Vacuum turbine and gear motor are the same as in the Matrix series
- Very rigid and additional damped chassis
- New design and extended 3 year warranty
- including  acrylic dustcover
- 100%-production at the clearaudio factory

The "Smart Matrix Professional" guarantees an optimum in record and vinyl cleaning at an attractive price performance ratio.

The Smart Matrix is a Record Cleaning Machine with a high torque motor providing bi-directional rotate  of the metal platter, manual fluid application and vacuum pick up. The enclosure is a water resistant, aluminium laminated construction. To prevent leaking, the fluid tank is equipped with a sensor to shut off the machine if the level is too high . The vacuum engine is equipped with an overheat sensor. Noise levels with this machine are the lowest in its class.

The updated model features a work surface that is completely clear of the top of the machine for easy access to your record during cleaning. A convenient lift-off acrylic cover is included.

Audio Asylum Clearaudio Smart Matrix Record Cleaning Machine:
 by Joel Waterman:
The Smart Matrix is essentially a more luxurious version of the VPI 16.5 RCM. There a small price difference, but for that you get a smarter exterior (imo), a beautifully machined clamp, and a nice perspex lid with very stylish Clearaudio hinges. You also get a left and right turn option which works instantly.

TNT Audio Clearaudio Smart Matrix / Nitty Gritty 1.5 / VPI 16.5 record cleaning machines comparrison: 
by Arvind Kohli: 
Next up, I compared the Nitty Gritty to the ClearAudio. The Clearaudio was obviously better than the Nitty Gritty on every test. And finally, I compared the Clearaudio to the VPI, and the Clearaudio came out between even to significantly cleaner on the several tests I did - generally, the dirtier the record to begin with, the easier to spot differences. I then also compared just the vacuuming power of both machines, by scrubbing on just the VPI. And surprisingly, it was the VPI that seemed to have the better vacuum and produce generally dryer records. The overall better results of the ClearAudio again establishes that scrubbing is a more important component than vacuuming, and I suspect it is the two way rotation on the ClearAudio that must provide the better scrub.



Tech Specs

Construction principle: 
The Smart Matrix Professional is a record cleaning machine providing left and right turning of the platter with manual fluid application. Very rigid and specially damped chassis 
approx: 12 Kg
Total height: Height dust cover: 345L x 345W x 205D mm (without dustcover) 65 mm
Power consumption: 
460 Watt
Noise level: 
Approx. 60 - 65 db

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