Cambridge Audio - Minx Xi

Cambridge Audio - Minx Xi
Cambridge Audio - Minx Xi Cambridge Audio - Minx Xi

The Minx Xi has been designed to take the place of the older ‘all-in-one’ type systems in the living rooms, offices and bedrooms of those who are wanting to move away from CD and are embracing Internet Radio and network/Bluetooth streaming systems.   The Minx Xi is a single box amplifier and network streaming solution. It features UPnP streaming, Internet Radio, Bluetooth wireless streaming, 2 x USB ports for HDD or Flash Drive connection, Coax and Toslink Digital inputs, 2 RCA analogue inputs and a 3.5mm analogue input on the front. The amplifier section outputs a solid 40 Watts into 8 ohms and it also has a headphone output on the front panel.   As always with Cambridge Audio, the Minx Xi was designed to be the best possible sounding unit that they could make. Housed within a gorgeous newly designed metal case the Minx Xi is powered by a significant toroidal transformer, providing ample power to the amplifier stages and a steady flow to the digital systems. Cambridge Audio have gone with a new look, moving away from their more traditional silver and black anodised aluminium boxes, the Minx Xi is available in black and white gloss, with a stunning new black front panel. THE MINX Xi is a BRAND NEW ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCT, DUE FOR LAUNCH IN COMMING WEEKS:     The new Cambridge Audio Minx Xi is the first ever streaming client from the home audio Cambridge, it is vaguely a combo of the  Cambridge Audio NP30 Network Music Player, and Stream Magic 6, which are still part of the current line-up, although with the Cambridge  a new additional dedicated streaming client is available. Also a certain resemblance to the no longer available Cambridge Audio One can not be dismissed out of hand, although the concept of the new Cambridge Audio Minx Xi is a totally different. Maybe you could watch the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi as a reinterpretation of a micro hi-fi system, because then you would probably be just right. Thus, the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi presented as very, very compact solution, grows with a very elegant package.    The white exterior contrasts beautifully with the black aluminium front. As another option, but there will also be held exclusively in a black version, in each case, the case will be polished to a high gloss. At the front, a variety of function keys available, and above all, a rotary encoder and a generously deliberate display to facilitate the operation directly on the device.   Already directly at the front there is also a USB port so that appropriate storage media can be connected very comfortable here and thus serve as a source for audio data. Also an analog input in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo jack can be found here, so that mobile devices can also be connected directly. It is particularly pleasing that the developers of Cambridge Audio not waived a headphone output, because it is so compact systems can be used often used as a second system in the office or bedroom, and it can happen that you just want to enjoy music on headphones.   The back is replete with connections, especially another USB port that can be used as an optional Bluetooth dongle Cambridge Audio BT100. This makes it possible to transmit audio signals directly from your smartphone or tablet without network infrastructure, this Bluetooth dongle of course the apt-X codec and thus a transmission in "CD quality" allowed. You can connect about such a hard drive via another USB port, so you have direct access to thousands and thousands of audio data. For analog input, two auxiliary inputs in the form of a socket-pair is available and digital signals can be performed via an optical and coaxial S / PDIF input.   For the connection of speakers corresponding terminals are available, of course, neatly fitted with Bananas record cable. Who wants some support in the lowest frequency range, such as the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi compact bookshelf speaker systems do their job, which is of course a corresponding Subwoofer Output RCA phono sockets.   Since this Minx Xi is a dlna-certified UPnP streaming client at the Cambridge Audio, the good piece must of course be incorporated into the network, which can be done either via an RJ45 Ethernet jack, or via the integrated WiFi module.   Once in power, this system can, of course, but first access to thousands of Internet radio stations, but also on content that is accessible via a PC, Mac or NAS, a Network Attached Storage solution. The control is effected, as already mentioned, either directly on the device, via a supplied remote control, or via the app Cambridge Audio Stream Magic Control, the company offered free of charge for smartphones and tablets. Both for Apple iOS and Google Android.   The signal processing is performed in the new Cambridge Audio Minx Xi with the help of a very high quality converter based on a Wolfson WM8728 DAC. Otherwise the usual HiFi System high standards in signal processing, as one is used by the British for years, of course, are even at this micro. So it is here on selected components, short signal paths a solid power supply based on a toroidal transformer that holds enough power available, that the Cambridge Audio Minx Xi can develop 40 watts speakers with an impedance of 8 ohms.



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