Halcro DM88 MonoBlock Power Amplifier

Halcro DM88 MonoBlock Power Amplifier

The DM88 will recreate the closest experience to live music you will ever hear. There is no other amplification technology that is in the same class.

DM88 Features:

  • Operates at up to 2.1 kW at peak
  • 270 Watts continuous into 8 ohms
  • 500 Watts continuous into 4 ohms
    (Continuous – Halcro power ratings are measured at continuous power unlike many competitors who publish measurements tested at peak ratings)
  • Distortion of less than 500 parts per billion at full power (20kHz). Immeasurable at normal listening levels
  • Four input options:
    • Balanced voltage input
    • Unbalanced voltage input
    • Current input
    • Minimal path voltage input
  • New universal power factor corrected power supply which automatically operates from 85V through to 270V RMS. Superior reliability with heavy shielding
  • Discrete codes for On/Standby trigger. This simplifies the remote control of the amplifier by another source component
  • Series and common mode filtering on the mains input
  • Superior industrial grade components used throughout the circuitry to ensure perfect audio reproduction and maximize reliability
  • Drives all loudspeakers, including electrostatics
  • Solid Mahogany feet
  • 7 Year Warranty


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