VIdabox - HDMI-to-Component Converter Kit

VIdabox - HDMI-to-Component Converter Kit
VIdabox - HDMI-to-Component Converter Kit VIdabox - HDMI-to-Component Converter Kit

Connect legacy, non-HDCP compliant HD display devices via component Need component video outputs for your TV, projector, or matrix switcher - but only have HDMI outs on your source? No problem! This converter kit comes with everything you need to workaround these limitations and generate a component signal from your 1080p HDMI source for your legacy device! Scenarios where this is required: · Almost certainly required when using component matrix switchers - Native component outs are not recommend in matrix switching scenarios · Connecting to non-HDCP compliant TVs (HDTVs made in 2005 or earlier) Common installation scenarios & diagrams:   Can I just use the VidaBox's native component output? · Yes - but not without severe limitations: - When playing back DVDs w. Macrovision, the system will not upscale the video feed. - Resolution is limited to 480p because of DRM implementation. - When Image Constraint Token (ICT) is implement, Blu-rays will no longer be in HD. - Final video resolution will also be limited to 540p maximum (once again, DRM) - Read this thread for further details Recommended upgrades/options: · Consider the 3.5mm to SPDIF optical adapter if 2.0 stereo audio is needed HDMI-to-component kit includes · Active, live-time HDMI-to-component scaler - Guaranteed pre-tested for easy, "Plug-n-Play" installation · 5V power adapter for long-term reliability · VGA-to-component breakout cable kit HDMI-to-component scaler features · Active/scaling transcoder · Breaks down HDMI1.2 signal into analog & digital audio - Both outputs are via 3.5mm combo jack - Purchase optional adapter for SPDIF out - Note: Unnecessary for media centers · Auto-centers output image in all standard NTSC/PAL modes · Performs live-time color Depth Upscaling in all modes · Accepts both digital RGB and YCbCr color via HDMI · Resolves EDID & HDCP handshake issues Technical Specifications · Data processor: 11 bit, 200 Mhz  · Input: True HDMI  · Output: Component or RGBHV (Select w. switch) · Sound Output: 3.5mm analog or optical SPDIF · Auto-image centering: For all modes · Color depth upscaling: For all modes · Power required: Recommended, but optional · HDCP Compliant: Yes · EDID settings: 1080p, 1080i, 720p



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