Rives Audio Level 2: Custom Acoustic Design

Rives Audio Level 2: Custom Acoustic Design
Rives Audio Level 2: Custom Acoustic Design Rives Audio Level 2: Custom Acoustic Design
While these terms may seem foreign to some people, these measurements increase our precision in designing the listening room. We know what measurements we would like to achieve. If we know how a room is actually responding, we can make the necessary changes with more accuracy. Level 2 is possibly the best value service in any acoustical design Level 2 works much like level 1. After completing the application form, we will call to get a complete understanding of your needs and limitations. Some people have to integrate the listening room into a family room and do not want unsightly room treatment. We can do that. Others, may have the luxury of a dedicated room and don't care about the aesthetics, but want the best possible sound at a reasonable price. We can do that. In the case of an existing room we may go ahead and take one acoustical measurement. This depends on how extreme the changes are going to be. In some cases the changes will make such a large impact there is really no point in taking acoustical measurements at the onset. In these cases we wait until the changes have been made and take the measurements to assist us in final tuning. With new construction, we of course take the measurements at the end of the project, and then do the final tuning based on these measurements. After we understand your needs, we develop a concept plan. This includes the likely treatments that will be used. Once our client approves the concept plan, we move on to the calculations and full schematics. These have complete assembly drawings and a report giving objectives of the sonic benefits we expect to achieve. Most of our designs use standard building materials, where the material cost is relatively modest. Construction can be done by the individual in or a contractor. Upon the clients request, we can use standard, pre-fabricated acoustical treatment products, but we prefer the tailored approach of our custom designed devices. Integrating the acoustical devices into a room has two challenges. One is the aesthetics. We can take this to almost any level. In fact, in one level 2 project we engineered a coffered ceiling that housed most of the acoustical treatment. It blended in beautifully with the rest of the home and sounded wonderful. The second challenge is achieving the right balance of all the devices. This is where having a company like Rives do the designs makes sense. At Rives, we do dozens of designs a month and hundreds a year. Our engineers have over 30 years experience in the business. You can have the assurance and comfort to know that the people designing your room, do just that, nothing else. Insuring that reverberation times, frequency response, and energy held in the room can be a mathematical and engineering challenge. Our experience has taught us this, but rest assured we do this every day and know how to meet those challenges and deliver the best possible design for you. Brand: Rives Audio


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