Clear Audio - Basic+ MM/MC phono stage

Clear Audio - Basic+ MM/MC phono stage
Clear Audio - Basic+ MM/MC phono stage Clear Audio - Basic+ MM/MC phono stage

Behind the multiple award-winning Basic +, which outclasses many much more expensive competitors, there are over 30 years of research and experience, along with in-depth knowledge of the effectiveness of unconventional details.

Via the optional ACCU + power supply, the Basic + is even usable in a very low interference battery mode where no stray electromagnetic interference can spoil the pure musical enjoyment. 

The Basic + provides up to 60 decibels of gain at one kilohertz and automatically adjusts its input to perfectly match the cartridge fitted. With an equalisation accuracy of well below 0.2dB this 1.5-kilogram phonostage provides the acoustic pleasure of a very good concert hall.

Simple to use yet full of features, this unit matches moving magnet as well as moving coil cartridges via a switch located on the bottom side. 

It's advanced circuitry also automatically matches the impedance of the cartridge used.
A winner and an unbeatable reference unit in its class.

Any of the Clearaudio phonostages which use the + suffix can be further upgraded with the addition of the Clearaudio Accu-power-supply.

The Clearaudio Accu-power-supply is a atomatic charging battery power supply offering real high-end improvements over standard mains supplied phono stages. It cannot be stressed enough the sonic benefits of running products by a battery power supply.



Tech Specs

Mode:   MM / MC 
 mplification @ 1 kHz: 60dB (MC) 40dB (MM) 
Input impedance:   800 Ohm/pF (MC) /   47 kOhm / 270 pF (MM) 
MM / MC input:  Switchable 
RIAA (75 µs / 318 µs / 3180 µs):   Yes 
RIAA accuracy:  ±0.2 dB 
Distortion:  0,004% 
Signal to noise ratio:  > 65 dB (MC) 
Crosstalk:  > 90 dB 
Max. output voltage:  11 V (1kHz) 
Operation voltage:  ±25 V DC 
Output connections:  Unbalanced RCA 
Weight:  1,5 kg 
Dimensions (W/D/H in mm):  102 x 165 x 60 

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