Clear Audio - Maestro V2 MM phono cartridge

Clear Audio - Maestro V2 MM phono cartridge
Clear Audio - Maestro V2 MM phono cartridge Clear Audio - Maestro V2 MM phono cartridge

Clearaudio Maestro V2: One of the World's Best Gets an Upgrade 
Stereophile Recommended Component
TAS-The Absolute Sound Editors Choice - 2009 / 2010 / 2011 

Reviewer's summary: 
"As musical as they come, the Maestro V2 Ebony should be required listening for moving-magnet and Moving-coil fans alike." - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound 

"Sonically, the Clearaudio Maestro Wood will be no stranger to those familiar with the virtues of the late, lamented Sure [V15mX]. Across most criteria, the easygoing balance of the V15 has been channeled into the Maestro Wood. Only there's more. More dimensionality, and greater soundstage width - areas where the Shure didn't especially excel. The Maestro Wood gushes sweet sonics like squeezing a ripe, red plum. It has a warm, darkly sensuous tonal balance, but it's not a softy in the dynamics department, nor does it smear inner details." .......Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound,

"The Clearaudio Maestro Wood is a sweet-talker and an addictively balanced performer. For those who hear the clarion call of the moving coil, more power to you. For little-old blue collar me, the Maestro Wood is the kind of component that keeps its eye on the big picture - exactly how I like my music." .........Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

A big step up in performance from the heralded Virtuoso, the Clearaudio Maestro V2 Ebony furthers that design with a new integral wood body for greater rigidity. This results in increased dynamics and tighter image focus. The Maestro is fitted with their best solid boron rod cantilever and Trygon P2 stylus (the same stylus used on the famous Clearaudio Insider MC cartridge!) for resolving power previously unimaginable in a MM cartridge. The Maestro's healthy output and freedom from resistive loading concerns make it the perfect choice for anybody searching for great sound that rivals MC designs which cost a great deal more.

Again and again Clearaudio set new standards in the phono cartridge parameters of impedance, inductance, load capacitance and sensitivity through tireless research and continuous measurement in our own laboratory. Clearaudio manufacturing precision is exhibited in the continuous measurement and analysis of the built-in magnets to produce perfect balance of the stereo channels. Minimal distortion values, flat frequency response and high output voltage provide a vivid and tactile musicality.

It was back in 1978 that Clearaudio first manufactured moving coil cartridges. This vast experience has been a significant benefit to our range of moving magnet cartridges. We have made massive improvements in areas such as mass-reduction, the profile, polish and finish of the stylus and in the damping of the cantilever.

Strict attention to construction methods along with extensive quality controls and hand-selection processes form part of the procedure for this stunning quality. We can assure you of flawless quality in all areas to guarantee exceptional linearity and trackability.

The new Clearaudio v2 Ebony cartridges are the culmination of Clearaudio's continuous research and refinement of moving magnet phono cartridge design. Building upon the foundation of their popular and critically acclaimed Aurum series, the Clearaudio v2 Ebony cartridges feature an all-new resonance optimised Ebony wood housing and a more powerful internal magnetic structure. In comparison to the Aurum series,  the v2 Ebony cartridges have greater dynamic range and a more balanced response with greater high and low frequency extension. Their overall presentation bears resemblance to the finest moving coil cartridges while simultaneously building upon the strengths that make moving magnet cartridges the choice of many music lovers and audiophiles. The four new cartridges in the v2 Ebony series are the Performer v2 Ebony, Artist v2 Ebony, Virtuoso v2 Ebony, and Maestro v2 Ebony.



New optimised and improved series of MM cartridges.
With the V2 series of moving magnet cartridges clearaudio set new standards in the technical parameters of impedance, inductance, load capacitance and sensitivity. Ongoing research, development and analysis in our own laboratory allows us to attain near perfect balance of the stereo channels, reduce distortion to vanishing levels and increase output level with a flat frequency response to provide a vivid and enthralling musical performance.

The new clearaudio V2 MM cartridges feature the following improvements:
1.) Resonance-optimized ebony housing for less colouration, more natural sound
2.) More powerful magnets producing greater dynamic range
3.) Higher output voltage for lower noise levels

Tech Specs

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz 
Output voltage (1kHz, 5cm/s): ∼ 4,2 mV 
Channel separation (1kHz): > 32 dB 
Channel balance (1kHz): ≤ 0,2 dB 
Tracking ability: 90 µm 
Tracking ability; recommended 1,8 -2,6 g): 2,6 g 
Coil impedance (1kHz): 0,70 kΩ 
Coil inductance: 0,42 H 
Load resistance: 47 kΩ 
Load capacitance: 100 pF 
Cantilever: Boron / HD Diamond 
Weight: 8,5 g 

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