In more detail... Most hi-fi amplifiers won't let you plug in a turntable directly. You need to connect via a phono stage (also known as a phono pre-amp) to make the very small signal from the turntable powerful enough for your main amp to work with. But it's very easy to add noise at this stage, which is why our audio-obsessed engineers carefully designed the 651P using premium components chosen for exceptional accuracy, amplifying the signal without distorting it or introducing noise. They've fine-tuned every element to perfect the performance, creating a state-of-the-art phono pre-amp. In fact, the 651P does its job with such finesse that, even if your amplifier does have a built-in phono stage, it's well worth bypassing it, bypassing it using the 651P is guaranteed to deliver much greater depth and detail of audio. Vinyl lovers will instantly hear the difference that the dedicated 651P makes to music quality. The 651P works with all turntables, whichever type of cartridge they use. Like the 551P it works with popular Moving Magnet cartridges. But it also works with Moving Coil cartridges found in the highest-end audiophile turntables. To those who wrote off vinyl as "dead", we say "nonsense"! Vinyl is once again rightly growing in popularity for the audio quality and particular warmth it can deliver. The Azur 651P, developed in London by our team of music-loving perfectionists, truly makes the most of your vinyl.   Moving Coil compatible Works with Moving Coil, the audiophile's cartridge of choice, offering even more accuracy and detail than Moving Magnet. Advanced amplification Audio circuitry has been refined with multiple transistors wired in parallel ensuring the lowest possible distortion and noise. A copper shield provides further protection to this extremely sensitive part of the circuitry, limiting the noise that can be injected into the signal. This is especially important with a Moving Coil cartridge because its signal is even quieter and more delicate than Moving Magnet, so it needs even more amplification. Premium components High-spec multi-parallel capacitors achieve exceptional RIAA accuracy - the industry standard for reproducing vinyl recordings. While a highly accurate, subsonic filter removes the common problem of unwanted low-frequencies that are inaudible but can damage subwoofers. Total power off In line with Cambridge Audio's commitment to the environment, a power switch cuts energy consumption to zero when not in use. Features Phono pre-amplifier with moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) input stages Discrete transistors for the all-important input stages instead of the more common integrated circuits Single-ended ‘Class A’ gain stage with audiophile passive RIAA equalisation Multi-parallel capacitors to achieve exceptional RIAA accuracy of only 0.3dB up to 50kHz Defeatable subsonic filter to eliminate very low frequency ‘rumble’, caused by vinyl imperfections

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Azur 651P Moving Magnet (MM) & Moving Coil (MC) Phono Pre-amplifier

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