In more detail... Most hi-fi amplifiers won't let you plug in a turntable directly. You need to connect via a phono stage (also known as a phono pre-amp) to make the very quiet signal from the turntable powerful enough for your main amp to work with. But it's very easy to add noise at this stage, which is why our audio-obsessed engineers carefully designed the 551P using hand-picked components chosen to amplify the signal without distorting it or introducing noise. They've fine-tuned every element to perfect the performance, creating a state-of-the-art phono pre-amp. In fact, the 551P does its job with such finesse that, even if your amplifier does have a built-in phono stage, bypassing it using the 551P is guaranteed to deliver much greater depth and detail of audio. Vinyl lovers will instantly hear the difference that the dedicated 551P makes to music quality. The 551P works with all popular turntables that use a Moving Magnet cartridge (the stylus or needle). For a high-end audiophile turntable with a Moving Coil cartridge see the Azur 651P premium phono stage which works with both types. To those who wrote off vinyl as dead, we say "nonsense"! Vinyl is once again rightly growing in popularity for the audio quality and particular warmth it can deliver. The Azur 551P, developed in London by our team of music-loving perfectionists, truly makes the most of your vinyl.   Upgrade to the 651P Its bigger brother, the advanced 651P, is capable of both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil operation and is more suited to audiophile applications where the more expensive MC cartridges are coveted for their performance benefits.     Do I really need a separate phono pre-amplifier?   Some amplifiers are already able to support turntable connections but these in-built phono pre-amplifiers are massively out-performed by the 551P and we believe that any serious vinyl lover will immediately hear the benefits! Connected using a single audio interconnect cable, the 551P is set-up in seconds allowing you to appreciate stunning clarity, musicality and resolution from all your vinyl recordings.   Moving Magnet Vs Moving Coil... The 551P is a Moving-Magnet-type (MM) phono stage, which describes the commonly used type of cartridge (sometimes referred to as a ,'needle' or ,'stylus') configuration typically supplied with affordable modern turntables. The differences between the two magnet types can create a spirited debate amongst vinyl aficionados and you'll find plenty of opinion across the internet.

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Azur 551P Moving Magnet (MM) Phono Pre-amplifier

  • $189.00