ProAc - Response D Center Channel

ProAc - Response D Center Channel
ProAc - Response D Center Channel ProAc - Response D Center Channel

The new Response D Centre Channel is a radical new design delivering greater bandwidth, higher sensitivity with dynamic, yet smooth and open performance. Since most of the dialogue and an increasing proportion of sound effects are relayed through the centre channel, the priorities in this design have been greater bandwidth and dynamics with minimal voice colouration. At the hub of the new Response D Centre speaker is a special shielded version of the bass driver found in the D25 and the D38. This unit is a bespoke ProAc driver built to studio quality specifications. These exciting new drivers offer lower resonance, which means the cabinet dimensions can be decreased slightly. The cabinet is very rigid and heavily damped and the new bass drivers are loaded by a front equalised reflex port. The tweeter is one of our most expensive silk domes, it comes with a low resonance aluminium front plate and is similar to the tweeter used in our higher end models. The tweeter gives an exceptionally smooth and detailed sound making it ideal for extended listening in home cinema. These superb new drivers are linked seamlessly through a refined HQ crossover network. The overall result is a centre channel which can handle anything with high sensitivity, superb dynamics and the usual ProAc natural sound. It is capable of fitting in any home cinema system where high output and accuracy are high in demand. Available in a range of real wood veneers the Response D Centre Channel is available for demonstration through your nearest ProAc dealer. Response D Center Channel Nominal Impedance 4 ohms Recommended Amplifiers 20 to 300 watts Frequency Response 25hz to 30Khz Sensitivity 90db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre Bass/Midrange (2) 61⁄2” (165mm) ProAc unit with special coil and shielded magnetic system. Tweeter 1” (25mm) soft silk dome with air cooling. Crossover Super HQ PCB with finest components and multi strand cable. Dimensions 93⁄4” (250mm) high 26” (660mm) wide 113⁄4” (300mm) deep Weight 55lbs (25kgs) Mode TV/Stand mounted Grille Acoustically transparent crimplene Download Date-Sheet                        Brand: ProAc Loudspeakers



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