Cambridge Audio - Topaz AM10 Premium Integrated Amplifier

Cambridge Audio - Topaz AM10 Premium Integrated Amplifier
Cambridge Audio - Topaz AM10 Premium Integrated Amplifier Cambridge Audio - Topaz AM10 Premium Integrated Amplifier

In more detail... "Sound First" design principles By focussing solely on the things that make music sound so good that it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and cutting extra cost and clutter, we aim to deliver the best-sounding system at this price you'll ever hear. We believe, for instance, that multi-channel surround sound codecs and terminals in a hi-fi amp at this price adds complexity, introduces noise and reduces the budget for key components. That's why the AM10 is a pure stereo amp. And that means better sounding music. After all, your music is our passion. Toroidal transformer At Cambridge Audio, we're huge fans of what these premium components can do for audio quality. So, while other people reserve them for their top-of-the-line separates, we use them everywhere we can. The extra power reserves a toroidal transformer delivers means not only a far better bass response, but also a deeper, richer reproduction of music across the board. For pure audio quality and minimum distortion, we accept nothing less. All-metal case Our designers chose a solidly built, all-metal case, carefully damped to minimise vibration and maximise music purity. That's rare at this budget. Phono stage Connect a turntable directly to the amplifier without an extra box. 5 traditional source connections Rear connections for up to five separate, traditional stereo sources (CD player, radio, DVD, Blu-ray, iPod dock, etc.). Direct 3.5mm MP3 player/smartphone socket Plug an MP3 player or smartphone into the front via this dedicated connection. Vacuum fluorescent display These bright, backlit displays are readable from the other side of the room. Features 35 Watts per channel 5 x rear mounted source inputs 1 x front MP3 line input Integrated phono stage for turntable connection Full remote control Specifications Power output: 35 watts (into 8 Ohms) Frequency response: (-3dB) 5Hz - 50kHz S/N ratio (ref 1w): >82dB (unweighted) THD (unweighted): <0.01% @ 1kHz, 80% of rated power < 0.15% 20Hz - 20kHx, 80% of rated power Max. power consumption: 260 Watts Input impedance: 47k ohms Power amp damping factor: >50 Bass/Treble controls: Shelving, ultimate boost/cut +/- 10dB @ 100Hz and 10kHz Dimensions (W x H x D): 76 x 430 x 340mm Weight: 5.6kg (12.3lbs)



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