Vidabox - iPad Home button blocker

Vidabox - iPad Home button blocker
Vidabox - iPad Home button blocker Vidabox - iPad Home button blocker

Fool-Proof Home Button Blocking Lockdown any iPad and prevent unwanted access to the "Home Page" with this Home Button Blocker, precision engineered for our VidaBox iPad frames! A Perfect Match in Black or White Laser cut from a sheet of high-quality, shiny acrylic material, the iPad button blocker will perfectly match the iPad's beautiful gloss finish and maintaine a high-end look! Custom Engineered to Perfectly Fit These panels are cut using a high-precision laser for a perfect fit onto your iPad 2/3/4, allowing an easy, slip fit into your wall-mounted iPad frame! Perfect for Kiosks, Museums, & Exhibits iPads are ideal as inexpensive, fully interactive digital signage devices with the right app - add our frame & Button Blocker to secuely mount the device & prevent tampering! Fast & Simple Installation Simply lay the iPad button blocker on top of your iPad, and slide it into the VidaBox iPad frame. Reassemble the frame and you're done in merely minutes! Includes Service Hole for Maintenance After installation, you may find that you need to access the home screen for service or maintenance - simple use a tiny paper clip to still get access to the Home Screen quickly! Precision Cut Front Camera Hole Use your iPad for communications applications and take advantage of the iPad's front camera. Our unique design maintains full camera access for complete functionality! Volume Discounts Available - Contact Us! Looking to purchase in bulk for resale or distribution? VidaBox offers volume-based discounts for large quantities - contact us & learn more!



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