Cambridge Audio - DacMagicXS

Cambridge Audio - DacMagicXS
Cambridge Audio - DacMagicXS Cambridge Audio - DacMagicXS

Kramer searches for flaws but finds little to fault in Cambridge Audio’s new DAC that also happens to be a headphone amp, and for a small cost will resurrect the ‘hi’ in fi coming out of your PC or Mac. Reviewers like easy reviews and this is one of the easiest I’ve ever written. When it comes to Cambridge Audio’s little DACMagic XS, the basics are as simple as this: 1. Listen to tracks from a CD on my MacBook Pro via the standard 3.5mm jack using a set of Sennheiser’s excellent Momentum headphones 2. Then plug the DACMagic XS into the USB slot and listen to the same tracks on the same ‘phones. 3.Notice a definite improvement in the overall sound quality, contemplate the quality construction, flawless usability, not to mention the very reasonable price. 4.Repeat the above steps a number of times with different tracks and file formats before awarding the product an excellent rating. 5. Head for the beach. And he finishes up saying “ I think I’ll just hangonto the review unit, it’s that good.”



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