Jeff Rowland - Aeris Dac

Jeff Rowland - Aeris Dac
Jeff Rowland - Aeris Dac Jeff Rowland - Aeris Dac

The Aeris is the product of a close collaboration between Jeff Rowland Design Group and Holm Acoustics, a Danish company founded by Thomas Holm that specializes in signal processing products for high end audio applications. The Aeris is much more than the successful result of a synergistic collaboration between the two companies. The high degree of complementary synergy between the two teams working in parallel can only be defined as a case of true organic design. For complete coverage of Aeris DAC design and technology visit the Aeris DAC KnowledgeBase. Aeris DAC Reviews  einsnull - July/August 2013 - Christian Rechenbach - May 2013 - Bruce Surtees - February 2013 - Roy Gregory - February 2013 - Christiaan Punter - January 2013 - by Art Tadeschi - October 2012 - by Edgar Kramer HiFi Review #309 - March 2012 - Products of the Year HiFi Review #304 - September 2011 HiFi Review #303 - August 2011



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