Rives Audio Level 3: Ultimate Acoustic Design

Rives Audio Level 3: Ultimate Acoustic Design
Rives Audio Level 3: Ultimate Acoustic Design Rives Audio Level 3: Ultimate Acoustic Design
Our ultimate level includes every design aspect you can imagine. We will integrate virtually any decor and address details that many audiophiles never even considered, such as HVAC designs to keep air flow appropriate and quiet. Of course our primary goal is achieving the ultimate in sonic benefit, but we understand decor and aesthetics can be a very important issue. We've designed contempory to traditional styled listening rooms. Some with no parallel surfaces and others with coffered ceilings. At level 3, there are virtually no limts as to what our designs can provide. The biggest difference between level 3 and our first two levels is that we personally go on site. Generally there are three trips to a level 3 project: 1. The first trip to measure the room and evaluate the construction applicable for the project. We will also meet with all parties involved in the process from architect to contractor where applicable. On this visit we generally have some basic concepts of what might need to be done and discuss that with our client. After this visit we return to develop the concept plan and then, once approved, the schematics for building. 2. The second visit is generally half way through construction to insure that all designs are being built to specification. If changes need to be made it's far easier to do this at this stage, than have to redo a completed project. We make sure your investment is going to pay off with this second trip. 3. The final trip is at the completion of the project once all the equipment is in. We do final inspection of the construction and final tuning of the room, which includes tuning any of the devices in the room and work on speaker and furnishing placement. This is a very important step in maximizing the investment. Level 3 is the ultimate. We take all the guess work out and make the process easy. The results are astounding. One level 3 customer remarked: "You simply can not get this sound with any equipment upgrade at any price. The immediacy and unfiltered sound in my newly finished room is the most jaw dropping experience I've ever had." Brand: Rives Audio


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