Yamaha - RXV477

Yamaha - RXV477
Yamaha - RXV477 Yamaha - RXV477
TOP QUALITY DISCRETE AMPLIFICATION At the heart of this Yamaha AV receiver is a high quality amplifier. First and foremost, the RXV475 features a discrete amplifier with low jitter PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) circuitry for higher quality audio, that's especially noticeable with music. Discrete rather than chip-based amplification offers a wide range of benefits including the potential for a more dynamic and powerful sound. The amplifier also delivers a handy 80 watts per channel which is ample for all but the most demanding speakers and rooms. POWERFUL PROCESSING As you'd expect from Yamaha, the digital processing is also first rate. In addition to full HD Audio decoding of both Dolby and DTS formats, the RXV475 features Yamaha's famous DSP Surround programs. With 17 modes from The Roxy Theatre to a concert Hall in Munich, the RXV475 gives a variety of acoustic settings simply not available on rivals. Added to this, SCENE selections ensure that you always have the correct setting when watching films or listening to music. At the touch of a button you can quickly and easily call up one of four preset settings - ideal for when you want a different sound from games console and TV. ADVANCED NETWORKING INCLUDING APPLE'S AIRPLAY Built-in Apple AirPlay means that you can stream music from your Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or other compatible Apple device, wirelessly! Furthermore, you can view data such as song title, artist name as well as album art* via the AV receiver's on-screen display. *Some models don't support album art display. With a DLNA certified LAN connection, it's easy to hook up to your home network hub. From here you can access your stored music from PC, laptop or NAS drive and also listen to Internet radio stations and music services. Another great feature is the downloadable Apple or Android app that lets you control many of the receiver's functions from your smartphone, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or tablet. COMPREHENSIVE SOCKETRY INCLUDING 4K PASS-THROUGH AND MHL New to this year's RX-V400-series is a fifth HDMI socket with MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). This lets you hook up suitable mobile phones and tablets and enjoy video playback, via HDMI at up to Full HD 1080p resolution. With five HDMI inputs, the RXV475 has plenty of HD ready sockets for the more advanced AV separate systems. The HDMI sockets are compatible with the latest 3D formats, letting you use a 3D compatible Blu-ray player via the receiver. They're also ARC (Audio Return Channel) compatible, allowing you to receive sound back from your TV as well as send video to it. Finally, the HDMI sockets also allow for the pass-through of 4K signals. With 4K screens beginning to make more of an appearance this year, by equipping this Yamaha AV receiver with 4K pass-through sockets, Yamaha have engineered in a degree of future proofing. The RXV475 is also equipped with a front-mounted USB interface. It might not look much, but this little socket will transform the sound quality from your iPod or iPhone. By connecting to the USB, you'll benefit from a digital connection. This gives a direct signal and, hence, purer sound quality than using a conventional dock or analogue input. Another great feature is that it will also charge your iPod or iPhone - even when the receiver is switched off, in standby! EASY TO USE With YPAO sound optimisation and colour onscreen display, the Yamaha RXV475 isn't the daunting prospect to operate that you might expect. YPAO uses the supplied microphone to measure your room's acoustics and then sets the various parameters to suit. All this is done within just a few minutes and gives professional results at the touch of a button. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes all aspects of the receiver easy to control. With its fully inclusive specification and the sound quality to match, the Yamaha RXV475 impresses beyond its price.


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