Thorens - TEM 3200

Thorens - TEM 3200
Thorens - TEM 3200 Thorens - TEM 3200
Owing to a revolutionary circuit design, the TEM 3200 has set a new benchmark with respect to dynamic rendition and soundstage. Special features are the fully balanced circuitry layout and structure as well as the DC-coupling and automatic bias control. All these measures allow the use of just one high-power transistor in each signal path which is then further linearized by a specially designed valve circuitry in the input stage. Eventually, the sonic characteristics of the TEM 3200 are determined by the valve rather than the transistor. "these are quite possibly the best amps I've yet had the privilege to audition" Srajan Ebaen, (Full review available here). All parts and components in the TEM 3200 have been carefully selected with a very long lifespan in mind, and they have been acquired from the very best makers world-wide. Before assembly, each component is thoroughly tested in order to ensure a flawless operation for years to come. The valves employed have originally been developed and used for broadband amplifiers and military radar technology. It goes without saying that they have been selected for minimum noise, maximum linearity and highest reliability. An audiophile masterpiece of lasting value and a sure counterbalance for the short-lived digital world of today!


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