Linn - Akurate Power Amp

Linn - Akurate Power Amp
Linn - Akurate Power Amp Linn - Akurate Power Amp

Akurate power amplifiers are responsive and powerful enough to power the most demanding music, delivering loud, complex passage and quiet interludes with equal precision. Featuring Linn's latest technologies, including Chakra amplification and Dynamik power, Akurate amplifiers represent the cutting edge in power amplification. Two, three and four-channel models are available, each with a choice of high quality balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA) connections. Akurate power amplifiers can be used on their own or in multiples, making it possible to add as many channels as you need for a stereo, multi-channel, multi-amp or, the ultimate, fully Aktive system. Intelligent energy-saving and protection modes reduce your power consumption and maximise the product life.Enclosed in a stunning new precision-engineered chassis to match the other Akurate components, listen to a full Akurate system to experience the true performance choice for music lovers.



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