Halcro - DM10 Preamplifier

Halcro - DM10 Preamplifier

The Halcro DM10 Preamplifier has set a new standard for preamplification. It controls your complete Halcro amplification system and includes many innovative features, including the world's finest in-built Phono Stage. 

The Halcro DM10 preamplifier is the world's perfect link in the music reproduction chain.



Balance, mute, phase invert, and mono functions all on the front panel, as well as on the remote control

5V DC trigger, to turn Halcro amplifiers on and off in conjunction with the preamplifier

All inputs can be programmed for any source

Power supply and audio section are heavily shielded

Reference quality phono stage with continuously variable cartridge loading adjustment

RCA voltage & current inputs

XLR voltage inputs

RCA voltage & current inputs

Highest quality Halcro technology headphone amplifier

5 year warranty

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