Halcro MC50 Power Amplifiers

Halcro MC50 Power Amplifiers

A number of manufacturers now produce class-D switching amplifiers, and it’s likely that many more will in the near future. But you’ll find few home-theater amplifiers of any type that will sound better than Halcro’s Logic MC50. Go out and listen to one. Just be certain that the rest of your system can deliver the high-quality sound that this baby can dish out. 

Halcro’s MC series provides listeners with another option in well-made high-quality multi-channel amplifiers. We believe that the MC50 will develop a strong following for use in 5.1 music systems due to its finesse and detail. Each channel of the amplifier is capable of extreme accuracy and the precision to capture the slightest nuances of the recording. The Halcro MC50 will please those listeners who demand detail and neutrality for music and film playback in a high performance theate


  • Power Output: 350W RMS continuous into 4 Ohms
  • Distortion THD: <0.007% at 1kHz at all powers up to 350W into 4 Ohms, <0.03% at 7kHz at all powers up to 350W
  • Unbalanced and Balanced Voltage Inputs
  • Thermally controlled forced air cooling
  • Mains Voltage: 100 - 120VAC or 190 - 250VAC
  • Remote trigger switch between On & Standby
  • Command Functions:
    - Switch between On & Standby
    - Ability to inhibit individual amplifier modules
    - Amplifier module will indicate Over Temperature condition

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Full control via RS 232 or ETHERNET connection
3 year warranty

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