Linn - Aktiv Cards

Linn - Aktiv Cards
Linn - Aktiv Cards Linn - Aktiv Cards

Improve the performance of your system by going Aktiv.

Linn Aktiv Cards are a neat way to integrate Aktiv crossovers within your power amplifiers, meaning you don’t need to add a separate crossover unit. Compatible with Linn Akurate, Majik and Chakra amplifiers, Linn Aktiv Cards filter the specific set of frequencies needed by each individual drive unit in your speakers. This removes major sources of distortion from the system and delivers a massive upgrade in performance. Each card houses a specific crossover, splitting the signal before it goes through the power amplifier and bypassing the passive crossover in your speakers.

By splitting the signal before the amp stage, powering the speakers actively reduces the noise and distortion associated with traditional passive crossover design.



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