Roksan - TMS Blobs

Roksan - TMS Blobs
Roksan - TMS Blobs Roksan - TMS Blobs

The new TMS XB 3i suspension (BLOB) assembly for the latest version of the reference TMS3 is designed to offer even better isolation with precise setup stability. The new (BLOB) and top plinth Support Mount are designed and manufactured utilising several component parts each chosen and made from different materials to provide reference performance and unsurpassed longevity. Thanks to this new design and use of new materials the physical shape and properties of the BLOB assembly remain unchanged under the consistent load of the plinth even after decades of use and/or storage. Upgrading your TMS or TMS 2 by fitting the new XB 3i, will improve dynamics, bass, imaging, timing and will also reduce the (background) noise even further!



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