Roksan - K3 Integrated Amplifier

Roksan - K3 Integrated Amplifier
Roksan - K3 Integrated Amplifier Roksan - K3 Integrated Amplifier

The K3 boasts power and bass drive in abundance, along with superb sound staging and engaging detail. You can stream music via any Bluetooth enabled device and the aptX coding allows streaming of high resolution audio files from a compatible source.

To add to its versatility there is also a built-in Moving Magnet phono stage and five line level inputs for connecting all your required sources. Under the chassis the K3 Integrated Amplifier boasts some of the finest components and audio design principles available for the price.

The newly designed audio path is completely symmetrical for a clear stereo performance, while the enhanced power supply section ensures this new amp is both efficient and ready to deliver what you need while listening. Usability is effortlessly simple with the supplied system remote, and the device can also be fully controlled from the front panel.

The K3 Integrated Amplifier is another masterpiece from Roksan Audio. It offers excellent value for money when it comes to build, design, flexibility and sound quality. A true High-End performance is assured!

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Elegant new chassis design with improved ventilation
Superior build quality
Improved power and detail
Symmetrical amplifier layout
High quality signal output relays
Improved power supply layout
Directly powered power amp section from the mains power supply
Switchable bypass input
New op amps, audio and power supply circuits and layouts

Tech Specs

Inputs Bluetooth
Input Impedance Input Sensitivity Outputs Speaker Output Power Power Supply Frequency Response
Harmonic Distortion Power Consumption Signal to Noise ratio Dimensions Weight
Line Level (x5)
Moving Magnet (x1)
Bluetooth (x1)
Bypass (x1)
line input: 440mV @ 140W/8Ohm
L & R (x1)
Preamplifier (x1)
Headphone (x1)
>140W into 8Ohm,
>220W into 4Ohm
550VA Ultra Low Noise Toroidal Transformer 5 Regulated Supply Rails.
(-3dB), <3Hz – >100kHz
37.5dB (75x)
<0.005% 1kHz – 14W @ 8 Ohms
Standby: <25W
Full Power 2-CH: 8Ω <330W, 4Ω <550W line: >90dB
432 x 380 x 90mm (W x D x H)
432 x 380 x 102mm (Incl. Feet)
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