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Michell - HR Power Supply
Revolutionary new isolating power supply design for incorporation in high performance audio equipmen..
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Michell - Iso base
The Iso Base is the ideal platform to place your Michell Engineering turntable.  Its inert mate..
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Michell - Record Clamp
This device clamps the record to the platter. This flattens out the warps, and it also couple the re..
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Michell - SeCure Cover
Available to fit the Orbe SE, Gyro SE, Gyro SEduction and TecnoDec, the new SEcure Cover h..
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Michell - Tecno Arm
The Tecno Arm is a fundamental mechanical rebuild of the well-known RB250 tonearm, to which is added..
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Michell - Tecno Arm Weight
Set of two counterweights, metal endstub, and precise 0.1g Vertical Tracking Force adjuster for Rega..
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Michell - Tenderfeet
Although initially designed for use with our turntables, Tenderfeet can be used under any item of au..
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Nitty Gritty - 1.5Fi Vacuum LP cleaner
They clean one side of the record at a time and leave a sparklingly clean groove to minimise noise a..
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Nitty Gritty - 2.5fi Vacuum LP record cleaner
Automatic fluid application, automatic rotation during scrub and vacuum cycles ..
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Nitty Gritty - 45 RPM adaptor
For cleaning 7” records on units with automatic rotation (except for Mini-Pro). It is placed over th..
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Nitty Gritty - Bristle Brush
The Bristle Brush, with its half-inch black nylon bristles, is preferred by some over the Record Cle..
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Nitty Gritty - Capstan Replacement Kit
The Capstan Replacement Kit -- for units with automatic rotation -- comes with four (4) rubber capst..
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Nitty Gritty - LP Inner Sleeve
Nitty Gritty LP Inner Sleeve ..
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Nitty Gritty - LP Record Cleaning machine
Manual application of fluid, manual brushing and rotating during vacuuming, waste fluid drain plug o..
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Nitty Gritty - Velvet Cleaning Brush
Made with the same short-napped fabric as the Vac-Sweep, the Record Cleaning Brush can be used to sc..
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