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Turntable Products Vinyl is back. The return of the turntable is a testimony to the superior sound quality of analogue to digital playback. So dust off those old vinyls and check out our awesome range below!
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Linn - Akito Tonearm
Incorporating technologies developed for Linn’s class-leading Ekos SE, the Akito tonearm will get mo..
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Linn - Ekos SE
Setting a new performance benchmark, Ekos SE features advanced materials carefully selected for thei..
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Linn - Lingo
The role of the Lingo is to ensure that the LP12’s platter revolves at the correct speed, ..
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Linn - Majik LP12 Power Supply
The power supply filters extraneous mains noise, reducing judder in the motor for stability of speed..
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Linn - Trampolin Base
Designed to provide additional isolation for Sondek LP12 turntables, Trampolin is fixed directly to ..
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VPI - HR X Turntable
The HR-X is known to reviewers and manufacturers around the world for it's natural reproduction of s..
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VPI - JMW-10 Tonearm
Pivot to spindle distance: 258mm Effective length: 273.42mm Effective mass: 11g Overhang: 15.42mm..
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VPI - JMW-10-3D Tonearm
Pivot to spindle: 258mm Effective length: 273.4mm Effective mass: 9g Overhang: 15.4mm Offset ang..
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VPI - JMW-12-3D Tonearm
Pivot to spindle: 300 mm Effective length: 313.0 mm Effective mass: 10.5g. Overhang: 13mm Offset..
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