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Cambridge Audio - Topaz CD10 Premium CD Player
"Sound First" design principles By focussing solely on the things that make music sound so good that..
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Cambridge Audio - Topaz CD5 Entry Level CD Player
In more detail... "Sound First" design principles By focussing solely on the things that make music ..
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Krell - Cipher Reference CD/SACD player
Great sound has to start with a great source. Much of what we've learned in designing our amplifie..
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Plinius - Mauri
The Mauri CD player maintains Plinius' trademark LED display function that replicates the tone arm o..
PS Audio - PerfectWave Transport
ThePerfectWave CD/DVD Memory player is a ground-breaking product that removes all digital sound limi..
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Roksan - K3 CD Player
At the heart of the Roksan K3 CD is the Texas Instruments PCM1798 24 bit/192kHz DAC (Digital to Anal..
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Roksan - Kandy K2 CD Player
Features Front CD loading De-coupled mechanism Full functional remote commander Programme facility R..
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Roksan - M2 CD Player
The M2 CD player's de-coupled laser mechanism, super precision master clock combined with its 12 ind..
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Roksan - Oxygene CD Player
Immediately you will notice the lack of buttons and switches. A sleek, innovative design with only t..
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Vincent - CD 400
The CD-400 comes with a Sanyo DA11 drive – coupled with a Philips Digital Servo System. The sig..
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Vincent - CD S1.2
Technical details CD Format: HDCD 24 Bit/96 kHz, Output Voltage: 2 V +/- 1,6 dB Frequency Range: 10 ..
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Vincent - CD S4
The circuit technology of its big brother, the CD-55, also beats a pulse here. The power unit devel..
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Vincent - CD S5
Only the best components have been used in the CD-S5. The amplifier section of the audio output..
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Vincent - CD S7
In the inner structure, however the “new” one differentiates itself basically from its predecessor.T..
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Vincent - CD S7 DAC
Now digital signals with the help of optical, coaxial or USB-port could be introduced, in order to p..
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