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Jeff Rowland - Capri S2
With an output impedance of only 80 Ohms balanced and 40 Ohms single ended, Capri S2 drives any ampl..
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Jeff Rowland - Corus Preamplifier
ULTRA LOW RESONANCE CHASSIS Balanced preamplifier design housed inside twin ultra-low resonance, str..
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Krell - Illusion
The Illusion preamplifier extends the Krell tradition of separating the power supply from the audi..
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Krell - Illusion-II
The Illusion II is the perfect center piece for a world class digital and analog audio system. Added..
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Linn - Akurate DSM
Rediscover your music collection with Akurate DSM, a network music player that will re-ignite your p..
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Plinius - Kaitaki
While the Kaitaki preamplifier pairs aesthetically and musically with the Plinius P10 power amp..
Plinius - Tautoro Reference Preamplifier
Designed to support Plinius' top end power amplifiers, the Tautoro Preamplifier has a comprehensive ..
Thorens - TEP 3800
The TEP 3800 is an analogue valve pre-amplifier at the heart of which consists an unprecedented circ..
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Vincent - KHV 1
With its two 12AX7 valves, when used as a headphone amplifier, it produces the warm, soft yet precis..
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Vincent - SA 31
Tube Sound and Transistor Power The hybrid vacuum tube and solid state design of the beautiful Vi..
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Vincent - SA 31MK
"A Tightly Locked Focus on All Instruments" Vincent's SA-31MK isn't just an enhancement of the Ge..
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Vincent - SA 94
Sensational symmetry. Both audio channels are designed as separate. Two mains connectors separate fr..
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Yamaha - CX A5100
Absolute quality for when the very best is your option. With years of expertise in designing audio /..
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Halcro DM8 Preamplifier
The Halcro DM8 Preamplifier embodies the identical sonic signature of the DM10 Preamplifier. The onl..
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Marantz - Premium Series Amplifiers & Pre Amplifiers
Models available: PM15S2, PM14S1, PM11S3, SC11S1, SM11S1 ..